Travel Information

Travel Information

In general, infrastructure in Poland is worse than in Western Europe, but it is fairly good around Wroclaw, especially in the direction of Germany and in the direction of Krakow.

Arriving by Air

If you are coming from far, then flying is certainly the easiest option.The airport of Wroclaw (called after collegue Nikolaus Copernicus) is a small, international airport. The homepage of the airport lists all direct connections. If you are lucky, an airport close to you is connected by a low cost carrier. If  you are not lucky, then you have to change planes in Munich, Frankfurt, Copenhagen, or Warsaw.

The recommended way to get from the airport to the hotels or the conference site, is by taxi. Expect to pay 40 zloty. Taxis are safe. Don’t accept any offers from taxi drivers in the arrival hall. Go out of the terminal and select a legal taxi.

Travelling by Car

Highway connections to Berlin, Dresden and Krakow are excellent. Driving time to Dresden is approximately 3 hours, driving time to Berlin is 4 hours. Driving time to Krakow is 3 hours. Road connections to Warsaw and Prague are not good. If you plan to rent a car in Germany and drive to Poland, you may have to buy an additional insurance. The conference hotels have closed parkings, and a limited number of places in the garage of the institute are available. Ask the organizers if you want to park a car in the institute.

Travelling by Train

Information about train connections can be obtained from the site of PKP or Deutsche Bahn. As far as I know, Wroclaw is reachable by train within one day from the whole of Germany. From Prague or Vienna is also possible within one day. Travelling by train inside Poland can be complicated for foreigners, due to the fact that different trains are operated by different companies. Each of the companies has its own prices, and its own ticketing system. This may cause problems  if you buy a ticket for a certain train, miss the connection, and want to use another train. If this happens, then you must be sure that the new train belongs to the same company. If you plan to travel from Warsaw or Krakow to Wroclaw, then we recommend that you only buy tickets for Express InterCity or EuroCity. The train code must start with EIC or EC.


Only ride with taxis that are clearly recognizable as taxi, and which have a meter. Taxis ordered  by phone tend to be a bit cheaper than taxis stopped on the street.

Visa Information

Poland is part of the Schengen union.

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