We have reserved blocks of rooms in the three hotels given below. We have visited all three hotels in advance, and all three of them are very good, so please use one of the three selected hotels. Prices are in zloty, include breakfast, and all taxes. The hotels have wired internet in the rooms. Prices are guaranteed until June 14th, so please reserve before this date. Reservations must be made directly with the hotel by internet or by fax, dependent on the hotel. Hotel JP2 requires a reservation by fax. The other hotels accept internet reservations. Please indicate in your reservation that you are a CADE 23 participant. This is a map showing the locations of the hotels and the conference sites.

Hotel Patio

Hotel Patio is situated in the center of Wroclaw, less than hundred meters away from the old market square (Rynek). It is 2.5 km (25 minutes walking) away from the computer science building. We have reserved 20 single rooms. From 30.07 until 31.07, the rooms cost 220 zl/night. From 01.08 until 06.08, the rooms cost 270 zl/night. If you want to reserve a double room in hotel Patio, please contact the organizers, we see what we can do for you.

Hotel Jana Pawla II

Hotel JP II is called after Pope John Paul II and owned by the Catholic Church. Apart from that, it is a completely normal hotel. It is conveniently situated half way between the computer science building and the city center. It is very close to the botanical garden, in which the banquet will take place. We have reserved 13 single rooms at a price of 250 zl/night, 13 double rooms to be used by a single person for 260 zl/night, and 12 double rooms to be used by two persons at a price of 350 zl/night. The hotel has good rooms at reasonable cost. In order to make a reservation, please print out the fax form, fill out the details of your reservation, and fax it to +48 71 327 1470. Other ways of making reservations seem to be problematic.

Hotel GEM

Hotel GEM is situated somewhat away from the city center, and 2.5 km away from the computer science building. In exchange for the distance, it has many attractive features. It offers very good value for its price. The hotel is owned by the Polish association of sport teachers, and is equipped accordingly. Guests can use the swimming pool and fitness facilities for free. It is possible to rent a tennis court. All rooms have wireless internet. Please indicate with your reservation that you are attendant of CADE.

We have reserved 10 single rooms at a price of 190 zl/night, and 10 double rooms at a price of 220 zl/night.

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